Image of Filter 8 Black & Gold panel

Filter 8 Black & Gold panel

$7.50 - $15.00

A 12HP Black & Gold replacement panel for the Joranalogue Filter 8 module.
For eurorack modular synthesizers.

!Note - The sockets and switches use separate nuts and washers, which are not interchangeable.
Joranalogue Audio Design is not affiliated with BKM Panels and will not provide support in case of damage caused by replacing the front panel.

!Note - It is suggested to remove the washers that sit on top of the panel to allow for more thread space and to not hide the gold. Removing the original panel can be a bit tricky as it's a very tight fit. Remove the panel by making very small adjustments to each side continuously until it releases. The washers around the switches are particularly tight.

Please read the 'About' page for more information.

Image of Filter 8 Black & Gold panel