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☞ The Panels
The Black & Gold panels are made out of PCB material.

  • 2mm Thick FR4
  • Matte Black Solder Mask
  • Gold Plating
  • Elongated mounting holes for flush panel alignment

The design is inspired by the Make Noise Black & Gold panels, and is aimed toward complementing that style.

(Left: 2hp BKM black & gold POTI. Right: Make Noise Morphagene w/ black & gold panel.)

☞ Note:
 Since these are Printed Circuit Boards that are not typically used for an aesthetic application, some of the panels may have slight blemishes.

 These panels are a semi limited run and I cannot guarantee that I will have a design manufactured again after they sell out.

☞ B-Stock Panels
Often times I receive panels with a little more scuffs and/or minor scratches that I am unable to sell at full price. Some people don't mind the scuffs while others do. Instead of putting these in a box to collect dust, I've chosen to offer these panels at a discount. Most of the scuffs are not very visible in lower or warm light while they can tend to show a little more with colder and brighter lighting.

☞ How To Install Panels
Most panels are fairly easy to replace. To prevent scratches, first try loosening the jack nuts with your fingers; if they're on too tight, you can use needle nose pliers and a small lens cleaner style microfiber cloth or similar in between to prevent scratches. Be careful and grip the nut somewhat firmly and rotate slowly. Alternatively use a knurled nut driver if you have one.
The same applies for hex nuts or you can use an 8mm wrench or socket.
In most cases finger tightening is enough, but if you need it tighter, you can use the needle nose pliers method above if you don't have a wrench or socket.
For removing potentiometer and other component hex nuts, it's suggested to use the correct size wrench or socket.

Please note that your module may not be covered under its warranty if a mistake is made during the installation of replacement panels. While panels are fairly easy to install, please use care and caution to make sure you are reassembling the module with the correct washers and nuts in the correct location.

☞ "Coming Soon" is the only other option I am able to set an item to. I apologize if some panels take longer than others to show up in the shop, generally they are selected based on popularity. Panel shipments from the manufacturer are pretty small and generally only happen once a month.

☞ Shipping Info
Typically I will ship out orders same day, but one or two days delay can occur. All orders are shipped with tracking, usually via USPS First Class. These items ship from Washington State, shipping times can vary between 2 and 5 days roughly.

☞ International Shipping
International order processing time may take a little longer than stated above. Some non-standard international orders may be subject to an additional fee.

☞ Cleaning the Panels
A slightly damp microfiber cloth can be used to clean off the panel if needed. A small amount of Isopropyl Alcohol may be applied to a microfiber cloth to clean off most things that water won't.

☞ Returns
You may only return items that have not been damaged unless the item was received this way. If you need to return an item for any reason, please fill out the contact form and title the subject with "RETURN". Please include a brief explanation for the return. You will be reimbursed the for the amount of the total of returned items not including the cost of shipping, unless item was received as damaged. The item must be shipped back in a similar, secure manner as it was received.

☞ International Returns
For international returns, please contact me from the contact page and I will reply promptly to help you out.

BKM Panels is a small side project/hobby that I do for fun. If you have any suggestions, ideas or thoughts please feel free to contact me. Thank you for visiting!

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